Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Book Release Day to Ann Marie Kucic

Push You, Pull Me 

by Ann Marie Kucic

Calandra-Callie-Evans is a typical fourteen-year-old freshman. She has an annoying little sister and a large list of expectations to live up to. She’s starting high school and has to learn the ropes some way or another. She may have expected all this homework and a gigantic book bag, but she never expected to bump into Jaysen Jackson the senior.

Jaysen Jackson is failing high school; or at least that’s what he wants to do. However, that may be a hard task to accomplish with his father being the superintendent of the school district and his father’s girlfriend being the principal of the high school. When he manages to bump into Callie, the interesting new freshman, he realizes that some of his hatred for ninth graders might not be as big as he once thought it was.

With Callie gaining new friends and enemies and Jaysen reconnecting with older ones, high school seems to be flying by for the both of them. They discover that some things in life aren’t so bad when you have someone to push while you pull. But, when two people are trying so hard to help each other, someone is bound to get hurt.

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