Friday, August 3, 2012

August Releases Available for Pre-Order!

August 10

The Yin-Yang Life of a Baby Boomer 

by Marilyn Cugel

Marilyn Cugel’s poignant memoir, The Yin-Yang Life of a Baby Boomer, explores the joys and sorrows of a well-lived, contemporary life. Cugel packs us in her suitcase, briefcase and diaper-bag as she journeys to places unimaginable to a young girl growing up in the fifties. We meet and enjoy the colorful and full-of-life characters whom she encounters along the way. Her unparalleled clarity, humor, and nostalgia are written as vignettes of childhood, marriage, infertility, motherhood, career, travel, and illness, which stimulate our memories and beckon us to consider the yins and yangs of our own lives.

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August 21

Ten Tall Tongue Twisty Tales 

by Madeline R. Mobley

A counting and vocabulary story book made especially for the biggest, smallest, oldest, youngest readers and artists in your class... and YOU! Each page has a number, an animal, a fun fact, and a bunch of chances to learn some silly new words. Your favorite adult can help you pronounce them and that’s what makes reading fun!

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The Royal Arch of Enoch 

by Robert W. Sullivan IV, Esq.

“And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.” - Genesis 5:24.

The Royal Arch of Enoch: The Impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy, and Symbolism documents an undiscovered historical anomaly: how a high degree Masonic Ritual - developed in France in the mid 1700’s - included elements of the Book of Enoch which was considered lost until Freemason and traveler James Bruce returned to Europe with copies from Ethiopia in 1773. These copies were not translated into English until 1821 at Oxford University. This high degree ritual - titled The Royal Arch of Enoch - documents the recovery of the “Lost Word of a Master Mason”, the Name of God. It is this ritual in particular that has defined, among other things, the American national character. The Royal Arch of Enoch also documents the symbolic restoration of the sun as the premier icon in all of Freemasonry and as the supreme emblem of imperial administration and religiosity lifted from the Ancient Mysteries, incorporated into the Abrahamic Faiths, and carried on in both Blue Lodge and High Degree Masonry.

This book presents a real life “Da Vinci Code/National Treasure” mystery which, until the publication of this book, was previously unknown to history and historians in both the East and West.

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August 27

Anthony Finds a Way
by Wayne Applewhite

Anthony zealously anticipates meeting his cousins for the very first time. But when the children realize they speak two different languages, they find a way to eradicate the potential barrier!

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