Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tips on getting your book reviewed

Getting readers to leave a review on Amazon is not easy.  In fact, people are generally more likely to leave a review for a product when they don't like it. 

Here are a few tips to get more reviews on Amazon and other websites, and have some fun in the process!

Host giveaways where the reader is entered to win a prize for each review left.  Giveaways are fun for both the author and reader.  You can giveaway something as simple as signed bookmarks.

Contact book bloggers to ask for a review.  Remember to checkout their blogs for review guidelines.  Keep in mind that bloggers usually have hundreds of books to review and it may take a few months before they can get to yours.  Contact them as soon as possible, before your title release.

Ask friends and family to leave an honest review.

Trade reviews with other authors.  Ask them to review your book in exchange for a review of their book.

*We recommend asking the reviewer to share their review on Amazon, RSPLaunchPad, and GoodReads.  Although those are the main places, it is always helpful to have the review posted everywhere your book is available.

**Ask reviewers if they accept an ebook instead of paperback for review.

(If you need help contacting bloggers or has questions about getting reviews, please email us at marketing@rocketscienceproductions.com