Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Marketing Your Book

One of the main things authors need to know about marketing a book is that there is no such thing as too much marketing.   Marketing is constant work, it is a process, and most importantly, it requires the author to be involved.

This is one thing that never changes… Whether you are published by a traditional publisher or by an independent publisher, the author’s involvement in the marketing process is non-negotiable.

You have to be willing to get out there and sell books because they are not going to just fly off the bookshelves.  Marketing support and coaching is crucial, but you have to make yourself available for events.  Get out there and meet your readers.  Go to book festivals, libraries, bookstores, school readings….

Tell everyone that you wrote a book!  Add your website address to email signatures.  Use author business cards.  And keep in mind that building an audience can take time.

Depending on your book’s topic, get involved in the community and groups that relate to that topic.

Mistakes to avoid:

  •         Know that marketing is a process.  It takes time.  Don’t give up.

  •       Networking is important, but I’ve seen many authors who spend all of their time interacting with fellow authors to discuss marketing, and not enough time interacting with readers and implementing those marketing tools.

  •         Don’t let fear stop you.   And that includes fear to succeed.

  •         Don’t make assumptions about your book’s success before you even have the chance to build an audience.

  •         Marketing is time consuming and you shouldn’t do it alone.  

 And finally, no matter how much marketing you do, set aside time to keep writing.