Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Book Release Day to Lilka Raphael!

P is for Prayer - A Devotional by Lilka Raphael

"P is for Prayer" is a devotional that takes a different perspective on exploring God's Word and the power available to anyone willing to take a proactive approach to living the best life possible. As an accessible devotional, it strives to engage the average reader who’s looking for a little more out of life.

Prayer is illustrated as a proficient weapon to wage in life's battles, turned to not as a last resort, but instead as a first line of offense in fighting for what really matters most. Prayer, along with other topics such as praise, perspective, patience and peace are examined and explored. They are defined by the role each plays in facilitating spiritual growth and unleashing untapped potential, all in the midst of life's daily demands.

The book is intended to encourage those who may have given in, or find themselves low on hope, to dig in and dig out of whatever depths they may be currently experiencing. Practical definitions and Biblical scriptures illuminate various principles to be considered and implemented in the continual search for progress, promotion and peace of mind.

Real life examples and scriptural references encourage the reader to strive for greater heights and accessible gains, without preachy overtones or magnifying spiritual inadequacies.

"P is for Prayer" strives to unlock the potential that often lies dormant in each of us. Perseverance, prosperity, purpose, and other topics are examined as precepts to be implemented for better outcomes. P is for all of these things and so much more, but most importantly P is for prayer. 

About the Author:

As a licensed pharmacist for over twenty years, Lilka Raphael has observed and learned that prayer and words of encouragement hold more healing and restorative power than any prescription alone that she's ever dispensed.  She also believes that the power of prayer can improve anyone's journey, whatever it might be, and be an aid to people in all aspects of their daily lives.

A native of Tallahassee, Florida, and a graduate of Florida A & M University, Lilka enjoys helping people, and finds joy in dispensing an encouraging word whenever possible, along with pills and ointments.  Inspired by Biblical studies, her sharing of insights, and communicating with others about the awesome power of prayer, and what God is capable of doing, has become a calling.  Her testimonies include sharing her personal experience with Autism, and how the grace of God more than compensates for personal inadequacies.

As an avid gardener, plants and flowers tend to absorb a great portion of free time when she's not pursuing literary interests or engaging in family activities.  A long term affair with chocolate fuels a hobby for baking and a zeal for trying new recipes.  She has yet to meet a cookie she doesn’t like.

She currently resides east of Atlanta and practices community pharmacy in Covington, Georgia.  She enjoys living in the country with Rod, her husband of twenty years, along with their two teenage sons.  They happily share their abode with one Shetland Sheepdog, Noel, and one bad kitty, Lucky.