Wednesday, June 27, 2012

RSP SUMMER BLOGFEST: Book Trailer Wednesday!

First Aid for Heroes by Jane H. Davis.

Everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing on the tragic day, September 11th, 2001. It is astonishing that this single day in our nation’s history could create such a dramatic chain of events, drastically affecting and altering so many lives. We each have our own story how this day affected us. This book is about Jane’s story; the days leading up to 9/11, her volunteering at Ground Zero in New York City for six and a half weeks, and the ensuing ten years. She persevered forward in her life with a passion while coping with her husband’s life threatening illnesses and the loss of her mother. These and many more defining moments forced Jane to examine her inner strength and ability to survive through very difficult and trying times.

About the author:  
Jane has been a volunteer for many years while traveling around the world with her husband during his military career with the US Army. Her major volunteer experience was in 2001 when she traveled to New York City, after 9/11; with the American Red Cross to work as a First Aid nurse at Ground Zero, taking care of the rescue and recovery workers.
In 2006, Jane’s husband received the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.  Thankfully, the disease is progressing slowly and he continues to work full time and lives an active life. In 2009 Jane’s husband was diagnosed with stage 4 Mantle Cell Lymphoma.  He currently is in remission.
Together they fight these battles and work on maintaining a positive outlook.
Jane and her husband Gary reside in Northern Virginia. She is a mother of two, and grandmother of three.

Available on paperback at RSPLaunchPad. Also available on eBooks.

Monday, June 25, 2012

RSP SUMMER BLOGFEST: Children's book of the week!

"Every parent knows that one day their children will grow up.  Most think that time is far away. This story is about a mom who discovers her little boy is not a little boy anymore." - Amy H. Fraher

Here is a little about Small Hanger's author, Amy H. Fraher: Amy is a military wife of 17 years to her husband, Alan, and a mom to her children, Tyler (14) and Emma (9). She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her family. This is her first book.

Small Hangers is available on paperback at RSPLaunchPad.  Also available on eBooks. 

Friday, June 22, 2012


Shattered Souls by Daniele Lanzarotta is now available on paperback (signed copies) at RSPLaunchPad.  Also available on ebooks.

Here is an excerpt from Shattered Souls, the final Imprinted Souls novel.  Happy Reading! 

I sat next to him.  I didn’t care about the rain, and he obviously didn’t either.  He had been looking down at the ground until I sat next to him. 
He looked up just enough to meet my gaze.  I could see that the alcohol was no longer impacting him much.
“You can leave me if you want to, Lexi.  I’ll let you go and it will be as if you don’t even have a maker.”
I gave him a sad smile.  “Whatever happened to fighting for me?”
He leaned back.  “I just want you to be happy, Lexi.  The way you felt earlier… I don’t even think I felt that way when Adrianne did what she did to me.”
I looked away.  “Things will get better.  They did before.”
“I know, Love… but…” he shook his head.  “Is that enough?”
“You don’t sound like yourself, Nick.  I don’t like this.”
“Yeah, go figure.  I need to get drunk to be serious.”
I gave a sad laugh.
“I’m not going anywhere, Nick.  I made a choice decades ago and I’m making that choice again.  This is where I’m staying.  With you.”  I hesitated.  “Unless this is all part of your plan to get rid of me so you can go back to having as many girls as you want,” I joked.
He rolled his eyes. 
“No.  I can’t believe I would ever be the one saying this, but there is only you.”
I smiled and we stood up to finally go back in the house.  For a moment I was glad we were out in the rain.  The rain was getting rid of that scent he picked up at the club.
Before he opened the door, I stopped him.
He turned around to look at me and held my gaze.
“You would really let me go?” I asked, wondering if it would be that easy for him to just get rid of me.
He turned around and gave me his usual cocky smile.  “Why would you want to go anywhere when you have me?  Come on, Love,” he winked.
That made me grin from ear to ear.  That was the Nicholas I knew and loved.
The rain was getting worse by the second.  “We should probably go in.”
Before unlocking the door, he turned his head back again so that he could look at me.  His hair was dripping wet and had this messy look that I loved on him.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
He didn’t say anything.  Leaving the keys hanging on the door, he turned completely around and pulled me toward him and his arms instantly went around my waist, lifting me off the ground, and his lips were on mine.
© 2012 Daniele Lanzarotta

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

RSP SUMMER BLOGFEST: Book Trailer Wednesday!

Foxhound on the Run is the second book by author Julie Steven.  This is a great summer read for kids.

Foxy was a terrified, skinny dog when she was found wandering in the country. Lucky enough to be picked up by a rescue group and adopted by a loving family, she panicked one morning and ran away. This is her story- how she survived weeks on her own in the cold, surviving on garbage and pancakes, and how she led searchers on a merry chase to get her back.

Available on paperback at RSPLaunchPad.