Sunday, March 31, 2013

God and the Garden – Devotionals for Fruitful Living by Lilka Raphael

 Lilka Raphael, author of P is for Prayer - A Devotional, now has a new title available! God and the Garden was released on March 30th.

About God and the Garden:

One of the most pivotal events in the Bible occurred in a Garden. God placed Adam and Eve in a garden. It is in the context of a garden that we too can examine God’s care of us and how gardening principles applied in our own lives can allow each of us to reap the bountiful harvest God intends.

Sometimes we need to recognize when pruning may be necessary to promote better growth. Other times may require that we weed out a few things or even better establish our roots to bring about the changes that will promote us on our proper path.

There are times in our lives we may each need a bit of Miracle Grow and at others we may need more Pest Control. Sometimes we may have to endure stormy weather and at others we require help navigating our clear skies.

No matter what season you may be in, God and the Garden will help you explore how to make the most of it. Topics such as reaping and sowing, being fruitful and digging deep will prompt you to search yourself and seek God’s very best.

Man may plant or work the land but it is truly God who makes a garden grow. You don’t have to wait for another season. There are changes you can make in your own personal “garden” right now. Reap. Sow. Weed. Prune.

Bloom where you are planted now

God and the Garden is available on paperback and ebooks

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