Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Book Release Day to Elissa Burr and Beth Orr!

We are happy to announce two book releases today!

Letters From Mommy 

by Beth Orr

Max’s mom is away for six whole months on a US Navy ship! Her letters to Max help him understand why her job is important, and that she loves him no matter where she goes.

RSPLaunchPad - Kindle     

Are They Speaking Martian? 

by Elissa Burr

Have you ever heard someone speak Martian?

It’s the first day of school and Erika is on the playground eating lunch when she hears people speaking a language she can’t understand. She thinks to herself...Are they speaking Martian?

Find out exactly what Erika hears and how friendships can still be formed even without speaking the same language.

Bonus Materials Inside:

-Recipes for you and your child to have fun cooking international treats.

-Basic “Martian” phrases and counting. Have fun learning a new language (German, Korean, and Spanish).

RSPLaunchPad  - Kindle     

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