Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Book Release Day, Rachel Blumenthal!

Rachel Blumenthal has not only one... but TWO books released today!  
Here is a little about Rachel and her books!

Rachel Blumenthal was born and raised in Northern New Jersey.  She graduated 
from Boston University with a Bachelors in Elementary Education and a Masters 
in Reading Education.  She currently works as a reading specialist in Alexandria, 
Virginia.  When not recumbent, Rachel enjoys playing with her kids, seeing how 
much reading she can get done before the laundry needs to be moved, and 
searching for this now-elusive "free time" everyone is talking about.  Rachel 
currently resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and two children.  This 
is her first published work.

One Recumbent Mommy 

“One Recumbent Mommy: A Humorous Encounter with Bedrest” is exactly what the title of the book suggests. My incredible story of laying down on the job, pregnant with my second child!

My second pregnancy, confirmed in July 2008, started out just like any other- the confirmatory blood test, the obligatory post-dinner purge, the necessary and all-important 3 hour nap from 4:30 pm-7:30 pm right before retiring to bed for the night at 8 pm. You know, the usual. My routine of popping a mint Tic-Tac to stave off nausea first thing in the morning, and my bizarre "only when I'm pregnant" love affair with white bread was also familiar. All in all it was a typical first trimester for me. 

When I headed for my 20 week ultrasound, that's when things started to go awry. But this is a humorous book, so don’t be alarmed…read on and enjoy! 

Wherever I am, I will Love You Still

Follow the challenges of a temporary family separation due to a pregnancy/bedrest hospitalization from the perspective of a child. This brilliant children’s book is the companion book to “ One Recumbent Mommy: A Humorous Encounter with Bedrest”, also written by Rachel Blumenthal.

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