Sunday, December 21, 2014

The story behind the two kitties from the Einstein & Moo children's book series

My husband and I wanted to adopt two cats that were also siblings, so they would have each other.  I am a big fan of animations, and I especially like the sidekicks.  One of my favorite Disney movies is Mulan, and I really like Mooshu and Cricket.  So on August 14, 2009, we went to a shelter and spent a couple of hours in the kitty room.  I loved all of the kitties there, but one in particular stole my heart.  The shelter named her Lexie, and she was the only female kitten.   She came over and curled up in my lap and slept there for at least an hour.  I knew she was ours, and she would be named Mooshu, Moo for short.  We adopted her brother (Tux was his shelter name), and my stepdaughter named him Einstein because she thought he looked like a “little old man - the way the white was around his nose and mouth, and the white whiskers all around his face”. 

They are loving, sweet and curious, and they have very different personalities.     Einstein is quite talkative and will talk even more when it is close to mealtime; sometimes, he will play fetch.  Moo squeaks more than meows, and she loves to hide underneath the coffee table and wave one paw at your feet, like the monster under the bed.  They love catnip, catnip toys, and bouncy balls.  Their purrs are one of my most favorite sounds, and the spot between their ears seems like the softest fur and is my favorite spot to stroke. 

I was inspired to write about them because of my love for animals, storytelling, children, and books.  To me, when someone shares a book with a child, they share an act of love.   The Einstein and Moo series currently has two books out: Einstein and the Leaf and Moo and the Case of the Mistaken Identity.    The series will also have stories about them together.   Einstein and the Leaf is about a perfect fall day with children playing outside in the leaves while Einstein watches from inside.  When the children come in and a few leaves come along with them, Einstein sees his moment and is ready to play!  Moo and the Case of the Mistaken Identity is about Moo playing with a little ball that bounces against a glass fireplace when she notices a shadow.  Who could this be?  She must determine if she sees herself or another kitty.

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