Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Book Release Day to Karen O'Meara!

The second book in the Mr. Butt-Wiggles children's books series was released today on paperback and eBooks.  Mr. Butt-Wiggles' new adventure involves an important issue faced by children of all ages.  Here is a little more about Mr. Butt-Wiggles Tames The Bull.

Mr. Butt-Wiggles Tames the Bully 

Did you ever think you would make friends with the worst bully in town?

Mr. Butt-Wiggles, an adorable, white and black, French Bulldog living in Brooklyn, a borough of New York City, finds out an English Bully Bulldog named Benny has moved into the neighborhood. He tries to avoid meeting Benny on the street. Just when he thinks he is safe, Mr. Butt-Wiggles runs into him. After suffering from Benny’s tantalizing insults, Mr. Butt-Wiggles stands up to him and turns the situation around.

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Happy Reading!

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